I have recently found the following collection of Brain Wave Music to be helpful in surpressing the effects of the constant head attacks I have been encountering.  By placing some sterio headphones on, and laying back and relaxing, these music clips help sooth the mind, and helps me relax.  By soothing the mind with these varying brain wave frequencies, it appears I may be altering my own braian wave frequency, and hindering the ability of my PERPs to inflict their attacks.

I am also in the process of researching my brain activity with an EEG meter, so hope to be able to supply the community with even more helpful tips.  Via the purchase of a recent 16 channel EEG monitoring unit, I am hoping to monitor the effects this brain wave music has on myself, and I'm also hoping to catch the PERPs attacks using this EEG equipment.

You can find more music at BrainSync , and I sure hope they don't mind me passing on these tunes, to help our community combat the harassment and torture attacks we have been encountering.

But, please supply feed back on any helpful effects this music may have on you.

brain-massage-cover_ss.jpgBeta and Delta Brainwave Frequencies

When thoughts are blocked and you feel tense, just slip on your headphones and listen to Brain Massage. Pure and precisely tuned sound waves gently massage brain activity into profound states of blissful reverie. Within minutes you’ll tingle all over with a rush of cleansing energy swirling through your mind and body.

  • {audio}images/stories/mp3/brainWaveMusic/BrainSync-BrainMassage-1.3.mp3{/audio}
  • {audio}images/stories/mp3/brainWaveMusic/BrainSync-BrainMassage-2.4.mp3{/audio} 


sound-sleep-cover_ss.jpgDelta Waves & Music only

Before bed, slip on your headphones, close your eyes and soon you’ll feel as if you are floating and then start to slowly swirl and drift. Soothing sound waves gently ease your brain wave activity out of the rapid rhythms of beta and into the depths of delta for a peaceful and refreshing night’s sleep.

  • {audio}images/stories/mp3/brainWaveMusic/BrainSync-SoundSleep-1-DeltaWaves.7.mp3{/audio}



total-relaxation-cover_ss.jpgMusic, Ambience and Alpha Waves

Completely free of spoken words or any verbal distractions, Total Relaxation provides 60 minutes of ultra soothing Alpha Waves. Just slip on your headphones and close your eyes. Muscles relax, fears vanish and stress fades. As the boundaries of your body gently disappear, you’ll feel yourself lifted from physical tension and mental anxieties. You’ll fi nd that this is truly and effortless way to free your mind and body from anything that bothers you.

  • {audio}images/stories/mp3/brainWaveMusic/BrainSync-TotalRelaxation-1-MusicAlphaWaves.9.mp3{/audio}
  • {audio}images/stories/mp3/brainWaveMusic/BrainSync-TotalRelaxation-2-AmbienceAlphaWaves.8.mp3{/audio}