Remote Viewing or “RV” is a skill that trains the unconscious mind to obtaining data about any person, place, thing and event in the past present or future. A Remote Viewing session begins with a “cue” or question that defines the data you are seeking. These cues may consist of anything from the World’s next catastrophic event to locating your lost car keys.

Since a “cue” consists of a question as defined by a Remote Viewer, only your imagination can limit what information you can obtain about a subject.

Remote Viewing was developed by the CIA and the United States military by studying how the human mind obtains data on an unconscious level. Through years of top secret scientific study, a protocol was developed that forces the mind to follow this unconscious process of data collection. This newly discovered skill, Remote Viewing; quickly produced high levels of accuracy far greater than the program originally expected; therefore, was utilized for real-life military operations.

Though commonly defined as a “psychic” or “Psi” ability by many individuals; Remote Viewing is rather, a scientifically developed skill that is able to consistently obtain accuracy rates of 80% on data during an RV session. This is the first skill that truly unlocks the unconscious mind to consistently obtain accurate, reliable information about anything one would like to know.

As the individual responsible for refining Remote Viewing to what it is today, Major Dames is the most elite instructor in the RV industry and provides the most effective, groundbreaking Remote Viewing training program ( in the world.

The new, built from the ground up, “Learn RV” course incorporates 17 years of evolved, post military operational knowledge. The training set utilizes the natural DVD menu system to provide a structured, comfortably paced training environment, with an effective mix of training targets, lectures, and feedback.

Our naive nature convinced us that the world was flat; then we discovered it was not. We have uncovered the abilities of the unconscious and that too is not what we originally perceived.