At the beginning, when this started happening to me, I was subjected to a car wreck by the perps, as can be seen by the picture of my Ford Explorer.  I have also included a copy of the police report, as well as additional pictures of my wrecked vehicle.

As can be seen in the photo my vehicle was smashed up pretty well.  I was proceding into an intersection, where the light had turned green well in advance of my moving forward.  As a matter of fact, there was a vehicle in front of me which had already went through the intersection, and had cleared in advance of me moving into the intersection.

 Here is a quote from a witness who saw clearly what happened,


"One white car cleared.  The green Explorer was 2nd in line headed north and
had started his turn when the white Suburban cam through without seeming to
even slow down.  The Suburban struck the Explorer and spun around almost 180deg". 

The Suburban was an Alabama DOT vehicle, which can be viewed in the police report in my photo gallery...

 Click here for Photo Gallery...

This accident was clearly a set up.  I even had a V2K pick-up, which was obviously telepathic communication between the occumants of the other vehicle, which stated, "He almost took US out."