I have made contact with the following agencies to verify who is behind these head attacks, and to file Police Reports related to these attacks: 

Local Huntsville Law Enforcement: I have filed four police reports detailing these incidents. Select the humbnail to the right which will bring you to the Police Report Photo Gallery.  To date, the Huntsville police department has indicated they are not aware of this technology/capability and could do nothing to support my effort to get these people to stop.

At one point they indicated it may be a secret group conducting these activities. The 911 report, page 2, indicates they recommend I take some type of chemical to block out these signals. The walkin report dated March 9, '05 included three pages of vehicle information pertaining to those individuals involved in these attacks. The formal report for the last two walkin's were not available at the police department upon my attempt to retrieve them from records.

FBI: Telephone call with Huntsville field agent.  They indicated they were not familiar with this technology/capability and it wasn't a federal case.  I should contact the local police department.

CIA:  Telephone call, they indicated they were not familiar with the technology/capability, that it was not my government conducting these attacks, and I should go to the doctor and get checked out.

I have since writted e-mails to each of Huntsville, AL counsel persons, the mayor, and to the local Homeland Security department. The information provided was similar to the adjacent Walkin Report Dated Mar 9, '05. Richard Showers (City Counsel)

Mark Russell (City Counsel)
Sandra Moon (City Counsel)
Bill Kling (City Counsel)
Glenn Watson (City Counsel)
Loretta Spencer (Mayor)

I have also sent e-mails to each of Alabama's congressmen, including several congressmen on the House-Senate Commities for HLS & Intelligence.
I have recieved only one congressional feedback, from Senator Jeff Sessions, in which he refered the issue to the local Mental Health department, under the care of Jane Orton, who, over the phone and through e-mails, was only interested in painting this as a psychosis and weather I was interested in inflicting any type of injury to another person.