usa_s.jpgA series of maps have been created detailing TI locations throughout the USA.  These maps were created using the data generated by the "Cease and Ban Direct Energy Programs and Electronic Surveillance of Humans" petition.  Yellow thumbnails were placed at the zipcode corresponding to each TI.  This means that they won't be directly over the home location of any particular TI, since the actual address wasn't inputed.  This will only really matter if you were distributed the Microsoft Streets and Trips file used to generate these maps, and zoomed way in to view streets.  The yellow dots on the maps are large enough to cover quite a distance around each town.

 You may click the USA map below and be taken to the photo gallery where quadrent maps are located of the USA and provide greated detail.

To date only USA TI's have been inputed into the maps.  Dependent on how these are recieved, and the feedback I recieve, I can continue inputing additional TI data, as well as expand the map to include other areas of the world, including Canada.  There are many TI's living just north of the US boarder in Canadian cities.  This will probably be my next area to concentrate on while inputing data.

A couple observations I made while creating this map is to realize there are many TI's located in the Chicago, Ohio, Texas, and Florida areas.  These are the most interest to me since I noticed quite a fiew vehicles from these areas when this first started happening to me, from these areas.  It is most likely PERPS traveled from these areas on an ongoing basis to my city to participate in harassment activities.  It is also noticed there are many TI's in and around the New York, Washington, and California cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego.  Most of the major US cities are heavily populated with TI's.

In my mind this re-instate the belief that these attacks are originating directly from individuals, as apposed to coming from satelites.  Individuals, who have obtained the telepathic technologyI have described throughout this site, are inflicting these pains on people in an effort to obtain some outcome, such as drive them out of town or just to torture them.  They are using specific people as target practice.