Well, I have meant to make this post for quite some time now; however, I have been under considerable harassment and torture from my PERPs. I have been attempting to build a web development site; however, my PERPs have decided to levy considerable attacks I would assume to keep me from being productive and build this business. Here is my hair loss report.

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Over time I have recorded and documented a history of hair loss I have sustained due to these attacks my PERPs have levied on my here in Huntsville, AL. At specific times during my terroristic torture and harassment process, my PERPs would target specific locations on my head. These pictures illustrate the effects of these attacks, and the resulting hair loss I have sustained. These PERPs are worst than the worst terrorist, because what they are doing is attacking innocent ordinary citizens I would assume for the thrill of it. They remind me of the thrill seeker going around beating up on innocent folks, BECAUSE THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. They are shrouded in protection, and can’t be held accountable for their actions because I would bet my last dollar the local law enforcement are in on and part of these harassment activities. They use this capability to torture, attempted control, and torment of individuals.

These pictures also illustrate what these PERPS can get away with, because we TI’s have no substantiated proof who these attacks are coming from. These pictures provide clear proof the physical damage one can sustain; however, even after repeated reports to my local Huntsville, AL PD these attacks continue.

I am 100% convinced these attacks are coming directly from people here in Huntsville, AL through the use of telepathy. These local people have been administered some type of substance which gives them this ability, and by gang stalking and harassment, they are being allowed to torture and harass individuals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I believe they consider themselves HEROs because of what they can do to an individual. They are able to sneak up on and torture someone, even in their sleep, and are protected by the shroud of local law enforcement.



July 9, 2005

This first picture was taken when I realized the damage and hair loss I was sustaining. It was after I got a hair cut and felt short prickly hair in certain locations on my head. I started investigating and realized certain locations were becoming bald. At this point I decided to take pictures and document the effects of these head attacks.

P7110073.jpgJuly 11, 2005

It was clear these attacks were causing quick hair loss results. After only a couple days, the extent of damage grew rapidly. This picture shows the area of hair loss almost the size of my ear.


August 1, 2005

And then after a couple more weeks, the area of hair loss grew even more. I believe these pictures speak for themselves as to what my torturers here in Huntsville, AL were able to do. I have submitted police reports during this time frame; the most recent was March 9, 2005, which can be viewed in my photo gallery.  One could assume this hair loss was punishment for reporting and talking about what has been bestowed on me here in Huntsville, AL.


August 16, 2005

This picture shows considerable hair loss to the top of my head


September 5, 2005

And here is the final product of my PERPs attacks, considerable hair loss extending from the top all the way down the right side of my head.


Jaunury 4, 2006

At this point I had spent about three months away from Huntsville, AL down along the gulf coast helping out during the Katrina relief.  The attacks continued; however were not as severe as staying in one place as I do when in Huntsville.  This compounds the belief that these attacks are coming directly from people through telepathy.  If you stay in one place, they are able to collect and attack at will in numbers.  This picture was taken after I returned to Huntsville and again began receiving considerable attacks, especially during the night when I sleep. 

P1030091.jpg January 3, 2006

This picture shows a side view of the hair loss after being in Huntsville for several weeks.