This area contains various systems which can be used to enhance one's Personal Security.

internetcam_s.jpgAnother quick and simple way to set-up your initial stages of security is to use internet cameras (look here at TigerDirect).  These can be wired directly to your ethernet router , or hooked up to work wirelessly.  You can also purchase spy type cameras, which conseal their appearance. And you can also use wireless routing to set-up your home network.

There is usually software which comes with these camereas, so you can have multiple cameras set-up throughout your house or business.  This software can record video.  Some have built in motion detection, which can triger various functions, including sending you an alert e-mail, or triger the video to start recording.

Utilization of DynDNS services will allow you to tie in via the internet.  This will allow you to type in a specific url, which gives you video access.

multiplecamdvr_s.jpgThe next step up in creating your Video Security System, and securing your home or business, is to use a packaged system, which includes the DVR for recording the video, as well as several cameras.  These can be found at TigerDirect, or many other spy camera stores.  

These systems can include just a few cameras, to many.  Some of the cameras can have varying features, such as low light capability, motion detection, black and white, and color.

Software can be used to record and view the video.

Some systems include the capability to tie into your system over the internet.  This will give you full control over the system, as you were sitting in front of the monitor at your home.  You will need internet access, and the ability to plug an ethernet cable into the system.

multiplecamcomputer.jpgA more complex system, but one with even more capability, is to integrate a computer into your Video Surveillance System.

This system will require a computer, monitor, multiple cameras, a video capture card, hard disk storage, router for connecting to the internet, and internet connection.